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Everything you need to know about the ingredients in our products is listed right here.

Alcohol in skincare is actually better than you might think. Unfortunately there are only limited options for one to preserve cosmetic products in the industry. There is the option of using essential oils, but we refrain from its use because of its high risk of causing allergic reactions and inflammation of the skin. We use alcohol that is extracted from plants. That way the alcohol has an oil base and does not cause the skin to dry out. Hardly any natural substances can fend bacteria and microbes like alcohol does. But because of our smart pump dispensers we only have to use a little amount of alcohol to preserve our products.

Learn more about alcohol in cosmetics in our Blogbeitrag “Alkohol in Kosmetikprodukten”.

The pulverised aloe vera juice is rich in vitamins, amino acids and micronutrients. It contains moisturising and regenerating properties and influences the elasticity of the skin for the better. Aloe vera effects the surface, as well as the deeper layers of the skin. The vitamin e of the aloe vera initiates the oxygen intake of the skin cells which leads to anti-aging properties of the skin. In addition the aloe vera activates the body’s own collagen which also preserve the skin from aging.

Water is the life's elixir, an important component of our body and leads to elasticity and stability in our skin. The water in our products aids the perfect consistency of our products and helps to provide the needed moisture for the skin. Moreover water regulates the PH levels in our skin.

The shea butter is a natural fat component and contains many fatty acids that also appear in our skin's barrier. The many contained ingredients regulate the moisture balance in your skin and has calming and smoothing properties.

Fructose is a naturally occurring chemical compound that preserves the moisture of the skin.

Inulin can be extracted from many different plants, protects the skin's barrier and has moisturising and smoothing properties. Inulin is a valuable source of nutrition for good bacteria on your skin that are important to support your skin's barrier.

Lactic acid is part of the skin's own moisturising system, as well as the protective acid mantle and regulates the physiological PH level and the bacterial population on your skin. Similar to inulin, lactic acid strengthens and protects your skin's barrier.

Almond oil is very similar to our own human skin lipids, hence her high skin compatibility. Almond oil is very mild and therefore ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It contains many useful fatty acids and important vitamins that have an anti oxidative and activating effect on the cell metabolism, as well as important repair processes of the skin.

Almond oil affects the deep layers of the skin and has intense hydrating properties.

Hyaluronic acid delivers moisture and makes the skin appear younger and smother. It is important that the products with hyluronic acid not only contain the moisturising components, but have a mixture of high molecular and low molecular hyaluronic acid. They ensure that the moisture gets bound in the upper skin layers, as well as provide support regarding the cell growth in the deeper skin layers.

Squalane is a scentless and colourless oil that is obtained from plants and is very similar to the substances in our skin. In our products squalane is used to prevent the skin from drying out, as well as giving it a smooth velvety feel. With squalane one can achieve a healthy, glowy skin, without being oily or overly shiny. Furthermore squalane is an antioxidant which has anti-aging properties.

Xanthan Gum is a bacteria produced additive and binds, thickens and emulsifies our product formula.

Since we refrain from using sulphates in our products, we use sugar surfactants instead. The sugar surfactants are the source for the foam formation in our cleanser. The surfactants bind themselves with water and fat which leads to the cleansing properties of the FUHLICH cleanser. The sugar surfactants remove sebum, sweat and dirt without attacking the skin's barrier. Compared to other conventional surfactants, the sugar surfactants foam less but do not pollute the water.